Rolling blackouts by Eskom are hurting small (and big) businesses the most. In situations where you cannot utilise a fuel-powered generator for electricity, contractors must have a viable alternative to keep the job running at night. This picture was sent into us by an end-user facing this problem. In order to keep his project on track, he used eight of the new DEWALT DCL079 tripod spot lights to illuminate his site in Secunda.

The DCL079 creates a broad and even light beam, ideal for large open areas. It has three brightness settings : 3000, 1800 and 1000 lumens. At 3000 lumens, it provides adequate light for clear visibility. If you use it with 9AH DEWALT batteris, it can run for up to  5.1 hours.

It is a versatile solution to loadshedding, that is portable and convenient.

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