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In 1886, our iconic brand was born. Today, it is still a symbol of quality. Learn about the Bahco product range.

Did you know that Sandflex is 50 years old?

Sandflex was introduced in 1969 as the world’s first bi-metal hacksaw blade. Born in Sweden, Sandflex was the worldwide pioneer in using bi-metal technology to produce cutting tools.

In these 50 years, our Sandflex blades have reached the moon.
Find out how.
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You should never have to adapt to the tool

An ergonomic tool is a tool that works with you to achieve the end results you need with minimum risks of sustaining work related injuries. For this to be successful it needs to be the first pick in your toolbox and this is why an ERGO tool is more than a fancy handle.

Racing Towards Success

In 2022 Bahco will collaborate once again with racing car giants Signatech-Alpine.

Bahco is official sponsor of this season’s Alpine Elf Europa Cup.

Bahco tools will assist teams in races across the world.
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You should never have to adapt to the tool. Our ERGO tools mean you don’t have to.

Ergo Pliers

Bahco has persistently developed outstanding pliers for over a century and a half. Bahco Pliers are designed and manufactured in our factories in Europe where there is an ongoing development in terms of materials and manufacturing processes, in which they focus on innovation, ergonomics and performance to provide the best quality pliers.

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