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11th January, 2020

DCF894 Precision Wrench

DCF894 Precision Wrench

Posted: 11th January, 2020  - Written By: Zain Moosa

DEWALT’s impact wrenches have been popular in South Africa for many years. This month we introduced the all new DCF894 Brushless Impact Wrench. The DCF894 features a new technology which DEWALT calls “Precision Wrench” technology. Here is some information about how the Precision Wrench feature works.

What is Precision Wrench?

In addition to low speed impacting modes, this tool features the Precision Wrench™ mode which gives the user greater control in both fastening and loosening applications.

When set in forward, the tool will fasten at 2000 RPM until impact begins. The tool will then pause for 0.5 seconds before continuing to impact at a rate of 3100 IPM, providing the user with greater control and reducing the chance of overtightening or damaging material.

When set in reverse, the tool will impact at a normal speed and rate of 3100 IPM. Upon sensing that the fastener has broken free, the tool will cease to impact and will reduce speed to help prevent “run-off” of loose hardware.

1. Low Mode – Low Speed Impacting – 0–900 rpm

2. High Mode  – High Speed Impacting – 0–2000 rpm

3. Precision Wrench™ Mode – Precision Wrench™ – 0–2000 rpm

How Powerful is the DCF894?

The DCF894 has a powerful fan cooled motor that delivers up to 447Nm of torque and 3100 impacts per minute for heavy duty fastening applications. It can reach up to Up to 813Nm of “breakaway” torque for stubborn bolts

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