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13th January, 2021

DEWALT 54V Outdoor Power Equipment

DEWALT 54V Outdoor Power Equipment

Posted: 13th January, 2021  - Written By: Zain Moosa

In 2020, DEWALT released its DEWALT FlexVolt 54V Outdoor Power Equipment in South Africa.

Until recently, we did not focus on this range. But during the past six months we noticed an increase in the demand for the DEWALT outdoor gardening range. People are spending more time at home and in their gardens and more people are doing their own gardening.

Users are choosing the DEWALT range, because they want something convenient but more powerful than the other DIY brands available on the SA market. The power and runtime of the 54V DEWALT range allows them to tackle heavier cutting and trimming tasks in bigger gardens and properties.

With no trailing cables and no need to be near an electrical point when working, doing a quick job couldn’t be easier. Simply slide in a battery in and get the job done!

What’s in the South African The Range?

The range, made for residential and commercial use, includes the 54V cordless Chainsaw, Heavy Duty Blower, and Line Trimmer.

DEWALT DCM575N Chainsaw

The 54V Flexvolt chainsaw is designed to cut up to 130 times through 4×4” timber on a single charge. It has a brushless motor, a low kickback 40cm Oregon bar and chain with auto-oiling system, and a tool-free tensioning system for quick bar and chain adjustments. When we tested it, the two main things that stood was the noise and size.

Unlike a petrol chainsaw, there is no pull start. Slide the battery in and start it up! When you release that trigger, the chains stop immediately. You also don’t have to worry about filling up petrol.

When using it, you’ll actually be surprised at how quiet it is. You won’t need to use ear plugs, and neither will your neighbours.

More details of the Chainsaw

DEWALT DCM571N Line Trimmer

The 54V Flexvolt line trimmer (grass trimmer) does everything from simple grass trimming to heavy duty clearing work. It has a large 38cm cutting swath for fast job completion over large areas. It has a one-piece straight shaft and is supplied with both a blade and spool of line. Also included is a loop handle and shoulder strap.

The metal tri-arc blade is ideal for clearing weeds or grass. Kikuyu, the most commonly found lawn type in South Africa, can be trimmed quickly and easily using this blade. The DCM571N has a cutting swath of 38cm in line trimmer mode or 25cm with the tri-arc blade fitted.

It also has a variable speed control with two speed settings, which will let you get the maximum runtime on a single battery. With a 3.0ah/9.0ah battery and you could get around 60 mins of runtime on low speed or 40 mins at high speed.

More details of the Line Trimmer


The 54V Flexvolt blower is deal as a leaf blower for clearing debris quickly with an airflow rate of up to 207 Km/h.

More details of the Blower

Why Choose 54V Batteries

As with the complete DEWALT Flexvolt range, the batteries are backwards compatible with existing 18V DEWALT products. Hence this range is ideal for those that already own DEWALT products. The increase to 54V of power, enables DEWALT to prudoce more powerful cordless tools, that perform as good as their petrol or electric equivalents.

If you have existing 54V batteries, then you can just get the bare units. If you have 18V tools, then buying the bare units with extra 54V batteries won’t be a waste, because you can use the 54V batteries on your existing tools.

Our Rating

We think that this range is going to do well in 2021. It is ideal for landscapers and will be perfect for property owners too. If you do already have DEWALT 18V or 54V tools, this is a great option.

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