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29th May, 2020

DEWALT Grease Gun back in South Africa

DEWALT Grease Gun back in South Africa

Posted: 29th May, 2020  - Written By: Zain Moosa

The latest innovation that has us amazed is the 18V Cordless DeWalt Grease Gun; it has the most amazing features integrated in a small but powerful unit. You may ask, “will it stand up to the normal grease guns that are either pneumatic or foot operated?” to “will the battery last?”… Let’s see if we can answer those questions.

This grease gun is typically used in service and maintenance of vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural machines. 

Having a cordless grease gun, allows you to regrease equipment on site, rather than having to either drag the equipment to a workshop, or drag a heavy foot-operated pump to the tracker or harvester.

The DCGG571M1 is powered by an 18V battery and a motor that delivers 690 bar (10,000 max PSI). The DCGG571M1 is ideal for high-flow applications; the pump pushing up to 147g of grease, per minute through a flexible hose that works well in hard reach areas. Fitted with variable speed trigger switch, controlling the flow grease is at your fingertips.

Hard to reach areas are at times dark, making it hard to see and work efficiently. The DCGG571M1 has an on-board LED light that will brighten up dark work areas. Integrated in the body of the DCGG571M1 is no-mar foot that is designed to allow the operator to rest the 6KG grease gun on a flat surface.

The DCGG571 is fitted with an air-bleeder valve that assists in pump priming after cartridge changed; pump filter screen prevents dirt and contamination from clogging the pump mechanism.

The DCGG571M1 stands out and is an amazing tool for various application, the convenience of using the tool is second-to-non. The 18V can be charged using the 240V charger that is included in the kit box or a car charger that can be bought as an optional extra that is.

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