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22nd November, 2020

Tools Every Farmer Should Own

Tools Every Farmer Should Own

Posted: 22nd November, 2020  - Written By: Zain Moosa

Farmer’s can have incredibly diverse maintenance needs that require a wide variety of tools. Managing their vast properties, often means building infrastructure, maintaining facilities and repairing damaged equipment. From engineering, woodwork to building construction, farmer’s have to get the job done.

A reliable, heavy-duty and portable set of tools is an essential for any farm. Before, heavy-duty tools needed to be plugging into a mains power source or generator, but modern cordless power tools have bridged this gap.

Today you can find cordless tools that range from drills, grinders, rotary hammers, demolition tools, mitre saws and even outdoor equipment like lawnmowers, chainsaws and string trimmer.

DEWALT has led the way in innovation of cordless tools in the last decade. DEWALT offers 18V and 54V battery platforms, with tools that use brushless motors. These tools provide the same power as corded tools. DEWALT’s 54V platform was designed to get the most out of your tools. Upgrading to 54V, doesn’t mean you have to throw away your 18V tools. The 54V battery automatically switches voltage when you fit a 54V battery onto a 18V tool.

Having a complete set of cordless tools, allows you to repair damaged equipment on site, rather than having to drag the equipment to a workshop, or having to drag a generator to the equipment.

Here are the three most popular cordless tools, loved by South African farmers:

DEWALT 18V Cordless Grease Gun | DCGG571M1

This grease gun is typically used in service and maintenance of vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural machines. The DCGG571M1 is powered by an 18V battery and a motor that delivers 690 bar. It is ideal for high-flow applications; the pump pushing up to 147g of grease, per minute through a flexible hose that works well in hard reach areas. Fitted with variable speed trigger switch, controlling the flow grease is at your fingertips.

On a farm, it can be used to apply grease to the moving parts of tractors, plows, cultivators, or other farm machinery.

DEWALT 18V Brushless Hammer Drill | DCD996P2

A drill is a versatile tool that can be useful in many ways on a farm. Some of the most common uses of a drill for a farmer include:

  • Fencing: A farmer may use a drill to make holes in fence posts or to install screws or bolts when building or repairing fences around the property.
  • Woodworking: Farmers may use a drill for a variety of woodworking tasks, such as making repairs to barns or other structures, building animal enclosures or feeders, and constructing farm equipment.
  • Maintenance and repair: A farmer may use a drill for various maintenance and repair tasks, such as drilling holes for new bolts or screws, or to create openings in equipment for access to internal components.
  • Construction: Farmers may use a drill for various construction projects, such as building new structures or repairing damaged ones.

The DEWALT DCD996P2 is a powerful and durable cordless hammer drill/driver designed for heavy-duty applications.

DEWALT 18V Impact Wrench 1/2″ | DCF899NT

When working on a farm, equipment is often exposed to harsh and demanding conditions, and nuts and bolts can become stuck or difficult to remove. Using an impact wrench can make the task of removing or tightening nuts much easier and faster compared to using a traditional wrench or socket. This is because the impact wrench uses a hammering action to apply a high amount of torque, making it effective for loosening stubborn bolts.

This impact wrench delivers 950 Nm torque with it’s 3 speed gearbox. Ideal for tightening bolts and nuts. If you need to loosen a rusted nut off a tractor, the 1625Nm of “breakaway” torque will get it done. You can use it in the middle of a field to repair a tractor, harvester or any other equipment.

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