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23rd January, 2024

Beat the Heat: DEWALT Fans for a Cool Workshop

Beat the Heat: DEWALT Fans for a Cool Workshop

Posted: 23rd January, 2024  - Written By: Zain Moosa

Welcome to summer in South Africa! As temperatures soar, staying cool while working in the workshop or garage becomes crucial for productivity and comfort. At CIB, we understand the importance of a refreshing breeze during those hot days. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our lineup of DEWALT fans designed to keep you cool and focused on your tasks. From cordless convenience to powerful electric options, we’ve got the perfect fan for every workspace.

DEWALT DCE512N Cordless Jobsite Fan 18V – Unleash the Freedom

Last year, we revolutionised workshop cooling with the DEWALT DCE512N Cordless Jobsite Fan 18V. Cut the cord and enjoy the freedom to move anywhere in your workspace without worrying about power outlets. With its 18V battery, this fan delivers a refreshing breeze precisely where you need it, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go cooling during those scorching summer days.

Introducing the New Electric Models

This month, we’re thrilled to expand our fan collection with two new electric models, bringing even more cooling power to your workshop:

DEWALT DXF1645A Benchtop Fan 40cm – Compact Cooling, Maximum Impact The DXF1645A Benchtop Fan combines portability with powerful airflow. With a 40cm diameter, this compact fan is perfect for workbenches and tabletops. Enjoy the flexibility of directing the breeze exactly where you want it, keeping your immediate workspace cool and comfortable.

DEWALT DXF2067 Floor Fan 51cm – Floor-Level Cooling for Larger Spaces For larger workshops or spaces that demand extra ventilation, the DXF2067 Floor Fan is the answer. With a 51cm diameter, this fan delivers a high volume of air to cool down even the most expansive work areas. Set it on the floor, adjust the tilt, and experience a continuous flow of refreshing air for improved working conditions.

Benefits of Workshop Cooling

  • Enhanced Productivity: A comfortable working environment promotes focus and efficiency.
  • Health and Safety: Avoid heat-related issues by maintaining a cool workspace.
  • Tool Performance: Keep your tools running smoothly by preventing overheating.
  • Personal Comfort: Enjoy a more enjoyable working experience, even in the summer heat.


Make this summer your coolest one yet by investing in the power of DEWALT fans. Whether you prefer the cordless convenience of the DCE512N or the electric efficiency of the DXF1645A and DXF2067, CIB Partners has your workshop cooling needs covered. Stay cool, stay productive, and beat the heat with DEWALT fans.

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