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DEWALT Battery 12V Max 3Ah | DCB124

Power your 12V Max or 10,8V tools with this compact and lightweight 3Ah Battery. Designed to charge quickly, this battery offers helps minimise downtime on tough jobs.
12V Max
3Ah Capacity
Also for 10,8V tools

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Power your 12V Max or 10,8V tools with this compact and lightweight 3Ah Battery. Designed to charge quickly, this battery offers helps minimise downtime on tough jobs.

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • State of Charge- Get quick visibility to your battery’s state-of-charge with the LED indicator to help avoid interruptions.
  • Quick 30-minute charge time on DCB1104 charger
  • No memory and virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity and less downtime

Requires any of these chargers (DCB107, DCB112, DCB113, DCB1104 & DCB118)

Is there a difference between 10.8V batteries and 12V Max* batteries?

No. It is how they are marketed and labeled rather than in their actual performance or specifications.

Technical Difference

  • Voltage Rating: Both 10.8V and 12V Max* batteries have a nominal voltage of around 10.8V. The 12V Max* labeling refers to the maximum voltage the battery can reach when fully charged, which is about 12V. The 10.8V rating is the nominal voltage.

Marketing Difference

  • Labeling: The change from 10.8V to 12V Max was primarily a marketing decision. The 12V Max label is used to emphasize the maximum potential voltage of the battery when fully charged, which sounds more powerful to consumers.
  • Compatibility: Despite the different labels, 10.8V and 12V Max batteries are fully compatible with both 10.8V and 12V Max tools and chargers.

Practical Considerations

  • Performance: There is no difference in performance between the two labels. Both deliver the same power and runtime.
  • Tool Compatibility: 12V Max batteries can be used on 10,8V tools. And 10,8V batteries can also be used on 12V Max tools

In summary, the main difference is in the labeling, with 12V Max* being the marketing term for the same 10.8V nominal voltage battery. The performance and compatibility remain largely the same.

Battery Type
Lithium Ion
12V Max (10,8V)
Battery AH
Batteries Included
1 Battery
Product Contents
Battery Only


DEWALT is confident of the quality of its products and offers an outstanding warranty for professional users of the product. This warranty statement is in addition to and in no way prejudices your contractual rights as a professional user or your statutory rights as a private non-professional user. The warranty is valid within the Republic of South Africa.

Subject to the DEWALT Warranty terms and conditions available from your local DEWALT dealer or at​​​​​​​ www.2helpU.com, if your DEWALT product becomes defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within 12 months from the date of purchase, DEWALT may replace all defective parts free of charge, or at our discretion, replace the unit free of charge.

DEWALT reserves the right to refuse any claim under this guarantee which in the opinion of the authorised repair agent is not in accordance with the stated DEWALT European terms and conditions.

If you wish to make a claim, contact us or check the location of your nearest authorised DEWALT dealer.

The details of our after-sales service centres here:​​​​​​​ CIB Partners

Please click here for the full terms and conditions of the DEWALT warranty.


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